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The Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. (AAHGS), is a nonprofit membership organization committed to the preservation of the history, genealogy and culture of the African-ancestored populations of the local, national, and international community.
Early in 1977, a small group of historians and genealogists met informally to explore concerns of mutual interest.  Among the concerns was the possible need for and organization that would focus largely, but not exclusively, on family history and genealogy of minority groups.  They felt that these groups had been largely overlooked over the years.  It was agreed that those persons who were interested would give further thought to the idea.  They would discuss it with their colleagues and meet at a later date to pursue the possibility and desirability of establishing such an organization would be to foster and encourage historical and genealogical studies of families of all ethnic groups, with special emphasis on African Americans since the greatest deficiency was to be found in this area.  
The second meeting of what proved to be the founding members of the society was held on 5 May 1977 at the home of James Dent Walker, Washington, DC.  Also in attendance were Elizabeth Clark-Lewis, Marcia Eisenberg, Marcia M. Greenlee, Debra Newman Ham, Jean Sampson Scott, and Paul E. Sluby, Sr.  The persons at that meeting decided that they would act as the board of directors and temporary officers until general elections could be held.  The first general election of officers occurred in March 1981.  On 30 November 1981, AAHGS received its Certificate of Exemption from the District of Columbia and on 30 April 1982, the federal government recognized the society.  
Over the years, the membership has grown extensively.  There are thirty-eight (38) authorized chapters throughout the United States.  AAHGS presents informative and timely workshops on topics of genealogical and historical interest at its annual conference.  The organization produces two award-winning publications, the AAHGS Journal and the AAHGS Newsletter………
Since its formation in 1977, AAHGS has made significant contributions to the historical and genealogical community.  Through its many outreach programs, AAHGS has brought information and a love of the study of family history to a broad cross section of the general public.  ( )